Hong Kong IB 2013 Results

Congratulations to all the students for your hard work and admirable results achieved throughout the year! The HK schools have outdone themselves yet again with new record breaking results.


831 (98%) ESF students were awarded the diploma with the average points score being 34.6 points. 705 (83.1%) of the children scored 30 points or more while 140 (16.5%) managed 40 points or more. A handful of 6 pupils scored a perfect 45 points, a score only 108 students managed to achieve from all over the world.


We’ve drawn up a table with a few of the Hong Kong IB results. We haven’t been able to gain all the information, so if anyone has any news, please feel free to contact us.


We hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to next year's results!


Name of School Number of Students Avg. total point Score (max score 45 points) Avg. Grade for all subjects (max 7 points) % Diplomas awarded % of diplomas of students achieving more than 40 IB points Results Page Link Website of school
Worldwide IB Results 2012 56.27 29.77 4.67 78.5% 6%    
Australian International School (AIS) Information unavailable 17%   Australian International School
Carmel International School Information unavailable     Carmel School
Canadian International School (CDNIS) 105 35.5 Information unavailable CDNIS IB Results Canadian International School
Chinese International School (CIS) 108 38 6.0 97% 46% CIS IB Results Chinese International School
Creative Secondary School (CSS) 65 35.3 Information unavailable 97% 21.5% CSS IB Results Creative Secondary School
Diocesan Boys School (DBS) 45 39.3 Information unavailable 100% 53.5% DBS IB Results Diocesan Boys School (DBS)
French International School (FIS) 19 36.05 5.88 100% 31.6% FIS IB Results French International School
Hong Kong Academy (HKA) Information unavailable   Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logos Academy 15 38.3 Information unavailable 100% 40% Logos Academy IB Results Logos Academy
Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF) 33 34.5 Information unavailable 97% 12.5% ISF IB Results Independent Schools Foundation Academy
International College Hong Kong (ICHK) Information unavailable   International College Hong Kong
Kiangsu - Chekiang College Information unavailable 33.5
Information unavailable 100%
Information unavailable   Kiangsu - Chekiang College
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (CKY) Information unavailable   Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (CKY)
Renaissance College (RCHK) 119 33.2 5.26 98.3 10.9 RCHK IB Results Renaissance College
Singapore International School 23 37 Information unavailable 100% 34.8% SIS IB Results Singapore International School
St Paul’s Coeducational College (SPCC) 27 40.7 6.45 100% 77.8% SPCC IB Results St Paul’s Coeducational College
Victoria Shanghai Academy HK(VSA) Information unavailable 34.1 Information unavailable 15% VSA IB Results Victoria Shanghai Academy HK
Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Information unavailable 35 Information unavailable 15 Students YCIS IB Results Yew Chung International School (YCIS)
ESF Secondary Schools
ESF Results   34.6%   98% 140 (16.5%) ESF Results ESF Site
Island School (IS) Information unavailable   Island School
King George V (KGV) Information unavailable   King George V
Sha Tin College (SC) 146 35.3 5.55 96.6 17.1 SC IB Results Page Sha Tin College
South Island School (SIS) 141 34 5.42 97.9 14.3 SIS IB Results South Island School
West Island School (WIS) 127 35.2 5.55 99.2 18.3 WIS IB Results West Island School



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