True Light Middle School of Hong Kong True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

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True Light Middle School of Hong Kong


The school has thrived since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1935. True Light Middle School of Hong Kong got its start as a primary school. Under the guidance of God and with the efforts of the staff, it has developed into an educational institution comprising a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school. This “through-train” mode of operation enables the inculcation of school spirits and coherence in both teaching and learning. Our development is also able to suit the educational trends and meet the requirements of the time

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True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong


The long-standing goal of True Light is to nurture talents for our society and mother country in the spirit of Jesus Christ. As the principal, I want our graduates to be leaders in different fields, taking up key positions in government offices, commerce or other sectors. To achieve this goal, girls in True Light are being offered ample opportunities to address large audiences in both English and Chinese, for example, making announcements, acting and dancing in the school hall or in the fountain area, participating in contests in public speaking, debates and drama performances. These will give them a sense of achievement and build up their confidence. Besides, students are given a lot of opportunities to organize activities. For instance, they can run various clubs and societies by themselves and teachers will simply act as advisers but not instructors. In addition, all form 6 girls will continue to play a very important role this year. Many of them serve as leaders in different clubs and societies. Besides, under the buddy system for the Reading Scheme, they are expected to exert a positive influence on the lower form girls.

Mission Statement
IIn pursuance of the Christian ideal of love and equality, True Light has engaged in women's education with the aim of providing Christian education for the whole person and in the spirit of the school motto 'Thou art the light of the world'. It is part of our tradition to promote among our students the importance of creativity, innovation, self-sacrifice, concern for others and the pursuit of excellence. At the same time, we always embrace the belief that 'education is life'. Through participation in diverse school activities, our students can achieve balanced development in various domains, namely moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social and spiritual.
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Reception - Year 13
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Primary Teaching Language - Cantonese, English

Additional Languages - Mandarin
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